Latest Donation Update for New Vehicle Purchase: $$14,435 .00


The total donation amount listed above includes all donations received to date from this website, and checks, cash, and credit cards received NOT through the website. We appreciate all of your support! Daily, we are getting closer to our goal of $20,000.00

“Dressed” exhibit opened Thursday, Feb. 4.

Attendees had the opportunity to meet the artists of the very fun, very diverse "Dressed" exhibit. You can still see the show! See below.


 What does it mean to be “dressed”? Come see a variety of artists’ interpretations on the theme. No RSVP.  Want a preview? Go to Programs>Exhibits. Scroll down to Current on Exhibit and click the red “here.” 

Israeli Wine Tasting Sunday, Feb. 28 at 7p.m. at the JCC


 Open your eyes, mind and taste buds to the world of Israeli wine! Sample a selection of wines from all over Israel and enjoy the unique flavors, colors and varietals while learning about the wineries. $36 gets you a tasting of five wines plus specially paired cheeses, fruit and dessert. $54 gets two additional tastings plus VIP seating. 

Foreign Policy Supper Club, Monday, February 29 at 6p.m. $12. See below for description.

Middle East Alliance. From a proxy war in Yemen to an ongoing civil war in Syria, a number of ongoing conflicts have shaken the traditional alliances in the Middle East to their core. As alliances between state and non-state actors in the region are constantly shifting, the U.S. has found itself between a rock and a hard place. In a series of conflicts that are far from being black-and-white, what can the U.S. do to secure its interests in the region without causing further damage and disruption? RSVP. 

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