Jewish Cultural Center Exhibits

The Jewish Cultural Center is committed to bringing the visual arts to the community. We put on 4-6 exhibits a year, showcasing regional, national, and international artists. From the serious to the seriously humorous, JCC exhibits truly have something for everyone.

Upcoming Exhibit (June 15-July 21, 2017)

“By the Book.” Over 50 books on view representing community and celebrity favorite picks. Come see the literature that moves those you know and love, and think about the literature that  moves you.

Past Exhibits:

Party Time
Jewish Geography
Be (in conjunction with A Step Ahead Foundation)
Sound of Many Waters (a P2G project)
Israel To Me ( with shlicha Noa Hadad)
Kitchen Tables: Memories of Growing Up Jewish in Chattanooga
Sister City Children’s Exhibit
FeminIsrael (Assist Hadas Peled)
Wrapped in Tradition (Talliot)
Front Page News: The Shofar Through the Years
Kehilah: Community
Main, Market and Beyond: Yesterday’s Local Jewish Merchants
Tree of Life
Talking Tees (Assisted Einav Cahaner)
Another Point of View: How Israel and the United States are Portrayed in Arab Media (travelled)
Windows of Identity (P2G)
Interpretations: Contemporary Jewish Art
Chai Scorers: The Legacy of Chattanooga’s Jewish Athletes
Jewels: Small Works
A Sense of Place
Torah Covers: Sacred Textiles
In Other Word: Artist Books
Tranquil Space
Moo and More
Drawn In
Needleworks: Cultural and Contemporary
Spirituality of Light
Artists’ Platters
Growing Up Jewish
Form and Space
Words and Images: Reda Mansour
AQ Moment …Images from Aleph Bet
Lights: A Season for Children
Small Works
Bagels and BBQ (at Chattanooga State)
Sign of the Times – Photography
Tying the Knot: Jewish Wedding Traditions
Feminine Mystique
A Better House – Dana Shavin
Empty Bowls
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Mission to Israel
Editorial Cartoons by Cay Bennett
Cityscapes: New York and Chattanooga
Sticking to Israel: Israeli Society Through Bumper Stickers and Travel Posters
Talking Heads: Head Coverings of All Kinds
Jews and Humor: Like Bagels and Lox
Middle East Poetry Exhibit
From Falusha to Freedom: The Jews of Ethiopia
Jewish Defenders of American Freedom
African Art – From Rugina’s Afrikan Village
Telling the Tale: A Tallit Exhibit
Blanketing Chattanooga: Chattanooga’s Jewish History
Earth and Water
Roslynne Steinberg