Chattanooga Jewish Film Series

Monday Nights at the Movies

The Chattanooga Jewish Film Series is a Federation program. Begun 2008 under the leadership of Sanford Winer, the Chattanooga Jewish Film Series has become a highly attended annual event. There are two series’ each year, one in spring and one (Documentary Film Series) in the winter. Corporate and community sponsors enable the earlier series to be brought to the public. Both series feature movies for $8.00 per screening, which includes popcorn and a soft drink.

The goal of the series is to bring the best quality Jewish-themed films to Chattanooga and introduce people to the Jewish Cultural Center. Committee members include community volunteers Sanford Winer (chair), Sheila St. Aubin, Frank Miller, and Stephen Black, and Program Director Ann Treadwell.

2017 Jewish Documentary Film Series 

On the Map

Monday, Nov. 20 @ 7pm. $8 for screening, popcorn,  beverage, and discussion with Tal Cohen, former Israeli basketball player.

 thWinner of twelve different audience awards for best documentary, On The Map is certainly about sport, basketball specifically. However, it is really about inspiration, courage and sacrifice. Built around the story of college student Tal Brody, a Jewish American not particularly connected to life in Israel until he played in the Maccabiah Games, the movie follows him as he becomes a true Jewish Israeli hero. Tal Brody could have been a first round draft pick and gone on to have a financially lucrative and great career in the NBA; however, his visit to Israel and his encounters with Moshe Dayan inspired him to become the cornerstone of the new Israeli basketball team that would eventually compete in the European Cup against much more experienced teams. In an era of discrimination against Jews by some of their competitors, they went on to win the 1977 championship against a Russian team with Olympic players–on a Belgian court, because the Russians would not play in Israel. A story of perseverance, personal sacrifice, and courage, this story will inspire you. The team’s win put Israel “on the map – not only in sport but in everything”. Language: English and Hebrew with English subtitles. Running time 85 minutes.

The Outrageous Sophie Tucker

Monday, Nov. 27 @ 7pm. $8 for screening, popcorn and beverage.

MV5BMTIxMjcyMDkxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMTg5NDQ2._V1_UY317_CR16,0,214,317_AL_The Outrageous Sophie Tucker is the story of perhaps the most talented, dynamic, brassy, bawdy, risque, unconventional and brilliant Jewish entertainer of the vaudeville era. Sophie Tucker was an overweight, ordinary-looking Russian Jew from New York who was able to build a unique career despite what others perceived as her shortcomings. She rose to stardom, first singing in clubs made-up with “blackface” (also used by Al Jolson to enable them to perform in the Vaudeville era). She was a Broadway star, a jazz singer, and a comedienne whose routines were often a bit smutty. “Some of These Days”, her first and most famous song, was first recorded in 1911 and became the title of her memoir.
Sophie was friends with seven US Presidents, European royalty and such varied prominent figures as Fanny Brice, Al Capone, Frank Sinatra and J. Edgar Hoover, who, she said, once asked to borrow one of her dresses. She had a sense of theater and a presence that was larger than life. Quite simply she was the “roar” in the “Roaring 20s”. Language: English. Running Time: 96 Minutes

Rabin: In His Own Words
Monday, December 4 @ 7p.m. $8 for screening, popcorn and beverage, discussion with Federation shlicha Chen Dahan.

rabin1The world knows Yitzhak Rabin as a two-time Israeli Prime Minister, leader of the Israeli IDF in the Six Day War, and, as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 with Shimon Peres and Yasir Arafat. This film, Rabin in His Own Words shows the more personal side of Rabin, and the great sacrifices he made for the Jewish people and the State of Israel.
While we don’t see much of the political strife that interlaced his life and his policies as Prime Minister, we do see interesting aspects of the reluctant soldier who embraced his military career because it was something he saw as necessary in the building of Israel and ensuring its survival. We also see his reticence and acknowledgement of the need for war in the context of the evolution of an independent Israel, and, the horror and often futility of war, balanced against the social impact of peace. He led the sometimes simple life of a military hero and the often complicated life of an Israeli politician who fought for peace. Rabin was a “larger than life” hero, yet one who understood the consequences of the actions of his life. Language: Hebrew (with English subtitles). Running Time: 104 minutes


womens-balcony-19fever at dawn1945aka nadia - 1 harmonia

Chattanooga Jewismenschh Film Series

The 2017 Jewish Film Series kicked off Wednesday, March 15 with a showing of “Harmonia”. This was a sponsor event.  The series continued five consecutive Wednesdays (March 22 & 29, and April 5, 19, and 26) (there was no film screening the week of Passover) with “The Women’s Balcony,” “Fever at Dawn,” “1945,” The Last Mensch,” and “Nadia.”

We appreciate our 2017 sponsors:

Chattanooga Allergy Clinic
Chattanooga Symphony and Opera
Chattanooga Theatre Centre
Erlanger Health Systems
Kleen-a matic
Market Street Partners
Monen Family Restaurants
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Southport Capital

Films screened over the past three years include:


Autobiography of a Jeep
Peggy Guggenheim, Art Addict
In Search of Israeli Cuisine
Labyrinth of Lies
Auf Das Leben (To Life)
The Kind Words
A La Vie
Theodore Bikel:Walking in the Shoes of Shalom Alecheim


Ida (Sponsor Event)
Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem
Mr. Kaplan
The Art Dealer
The Muses of Issac Bashevis Singer
The Green Prince
Columbian Love (Young Jewish Leadership Event)
Above and Beyond
Before the Revolution

Down Home (Sponsor Event)
For A Woman
Quality Balls

Orchestra of Exiles (Sponsor Event)
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea
Making Trouble
The World is Funny
Hava Nagila
The Other Son
Portrait of Wally